Daily Inspiration: 5/2/13

Ralph Waldo Emerson

I love this quote from Ralph Waldo Emerson. It’s easy to feel discouraged with a new idea, or a wish but Emerson knew the secret. He had the foresight to realize that once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen.

What’s your favorite inspiring quote?

Jolene Haley, Manager of Online Communications and Advocacy


WOW! We have Adam Dovico of Ron Clark Academy as our Mentor in Excellence!!!

We are so thrilled that Adam Dovico of Ron Clark Academy has signed on to be our Mentor in Excellence.  WOW!!!!!!!!

Check out Ron Clark Academy on YouTube and you’ll see why we are sooooo psyched!!!!

Now, on to fundraising so that we can offer scholarships and get our location up to code…we’re trying to raise 95,000 dollars so that we can be ready to open our doors by August 2013.  We appreciate as much help as possible in spreading the word and raising funds.  Right now, we’ve got just under $10,000, We’ve got a long way to go and not a lot of time to do it.


Our kids need the school and we need the funds to do it!  We don’t like asking for money; it’s really uncomfortable to do.  That said, we can’t do this without the support of others like you.

If you can’t spare 25 dollars, we understand. We get it.  We know times are rough. Maybe someone you forward this to can spare$ 25 or $100 or maybe they will match whatever contribution you make. Maybe they will want to get involved and help us make the school as amazing as it can be.  Please, please, please do what you can. All donations are tax deductible!

We appreciate ANY amount you can spare.  We will be keeping a tally on our website, www.SeasonQs.org and for those contributions over 500, we will list you as a sponsor and supporter of the school.  Our kids are here now, need our support now, and will be the future leaders and parents of the next generation. Thank you for your consideration and time.  We very much appreciate your generosity.

To make a donation, please visit www.SeasonQs.org or click here to go straight to our donation page.

Many, many thanks,

Marcie Tau

Daily Inspiration: 4/2/2013


I love George Eliot and I’m a huge fan of Victorian literature. But this makes me love George Eliot (real name Mary Anne Evans) even more. It’s true. It is never too late to be what you might have been. It’s a testament to never giving up on what your dreams are. Tried and true, if you want something bad enough, and work hard for it, you will succeed. I think this also speaks leaps and bounds for the flip side as well. I think Eliot is reminding us to always hold our moral compasses high, for it’s too easy to slip down the wrong path.

Jolene Haley, Manager of Online Communications and Advocacy

Happy Johnny Appleseed Day!

Johnny Appleseed Day

Happy Johnny Appleseed day!

We’re sad that we’re not open yet to celebrate with our students, but we’re not going to let it hold us back from celebrating with you!

Let’s start with some interesting facts about Johnny Appleseed:

  • His real name was John Chapman.
  • He was born September 26th, 1774.
  • If what they say is true, Johnny Appleseed preferred to live a simple life and didn’t want much. This means he rarely accepted money and the money he did receive, he usually gave it away to someone in need.
  • As John Chapman headed west, he planted apple seeds and apple trees as he went, thus giving him the nickname of Johnny Appleseed.
  • Today is Johnny Appleseed day because it’s believed that March 11th 1845 is the day that he died. People also celebrate widely on his actual birthday day, September 26th.

How can you celebrate Johnny Appleseed day (at home or in a classroom)?

Click here to see our Johnny Appleseed Pinterest board!

How will you be celebrating today? Let us know in the comments below!

Jolene Haley, Manager of Online Communications and Advocacy

Happy President’s Day

It’s President’s Day everyone. What does that mean besides the fact that some people get the day off and there’s no running mail?

President’s Day was created to honor all Presidents, past and present. Some of the more popular presidents celebrated are George Washington and my personal favorite Abraham Lincoln.

How can I celebrate?

There are a myriad of ways. You could visit a National Park. There are many that provide monuments to presidents. Visit Mount Rushmore. Or just celebrate at home with some presidential looking cupcakes and a list of presidential facts.
Abraham Lincoln

So, who is your favorite president?
How do you celebrate President’s Day?

Jolene Haley, Manager of Online Communications and Advocacy

Resource Fair 2/10/13

Season Qs Academy

Yesterday was a big day for us!

We attended our first resource fair as a school and were so excited to meet so many fantastic children and their families! The Special Needs Resource fair was put on by the Jewish Community Center of Palm Beach and was a free family event. If you’re curious about it, or would like information on more events to come from the JCC, you can find it here.

If you didn’t have a chance to come out and meet us, we’d still love to hear from you. You can email us at SeasonQs[@]SeasonQs.com (just take away the brackets) or click here.

If you misplaced your flier from the event or want to print a few more, you can find it by clicking here: SQA Brochure

Jolene Haley, Manager of Online Communications and Advocacy